A Remarkable Guide to Maldivian Culture


The captivating Maldives is an archipelago of over thousand islets that is housed over the Indian Ocean. The charming sandy beaches, crystal waves of the clean playful waters, awe-inspiring tranquil natural beauty and the rich culture are the greatest treasures of these islands attracting tourists from around the world. The Maldives tourism packages cover the uncanny beauty of this heavenly island and offer great resorts for a memorable and uninterrupted stay.


Maldivian culture is chiefly related to the ocean, influenced by the cultures of South India and Sri Lanka. A local guide to Maldivian culture will help to uncover the prominent roots of this island’s heavenly beauty. The main source of inspiration in Maldivian culture is the ocean. This is evident from the music, dance forms and folk songs of the locals. The local Maldivians are jovial and friendly mainly because they are accustomed to living in large families.


Divehi, the local Maldivian language is derived from the Sri Lankans’ local tongue, Sinhala. With the passage of time, Maldivians were introduced to the concept of Islam by the Arab travelers and hence it became an Islamic nation. Architectural testimonies to the Islamic culture include the fascinating mosques housed proudly in the capital of Maldives, Male. Maldives, in short, is a quaint blend of oceanic, Islamic and Sri Lankan cultures. Even the cuisine, that is rich in seafood, reflects the Sri Lankan and South Indian cultures as it is very spicy and aromatic in taste.

For your next trip, book Maldives packages; get a general guide to the Maldivian culture and practices and enjoy a rejuvenating experience in the laps of Mother Nature, breathing in the charming beauty of these islands.

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