Vishu in Kerala: An endearing festival which ushers joy and harmony


Vishu is a popular festival celebrated every year in Kerala to mark the commencement of the Malayalam New Year. It is celebrated every year around the second week of April (on or around 14th April). Since the festivities are harbingers of joie de vivre and merriment, the locals are in a very spirited mood. There is a lot of fanfare going around and people dig into specially prepared food and dance to glory. Therefore, those who wish to take a close insight into the culture of south India consider this season as the best time to visit Kerala.

Vishu in Kerala

The festival of Vishu is considered a very pious event and it is adequately laced with mythologies. One of the tales surrounding this festival states that it was on this day that Lord Krishna had slain the diabolical ‘rakshasha’ Narakasura. Another story goes like this- Ravana would always exercise an authoritarian control over Sun and never permitted it to rise from the East. After Rama killed Ravana, it was on the day of Vishu that the sun rose from the east again. Thus, the festival is symbolically related to dawn or the homecoming or the beginning of a new phase!

Vishu in Kerala

The morning or the daytime of Vishu witnesses some playful activities by both men and women. The housewife also cooks up exquisite meals to serve to the housemates. If you wish to tour Kerala, then it won’t be a bad idea to coincide your trip with Vishu! Alleppey, Cochin, Varkala Beach, Kovalam and Periyar National Park are the best places to visit in Kerala.

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