What to do in Pattaya in 3 days: A rundown of some top attractions


If you ever listen to us and buy that tempting Thailand holiday package, then you can spend as much as 3 days in Pattaya! This fabulous town is full of attractions and you would really have to be on your toe to scour through its myriad beaches, shops, theatres and clubs. Nevertheless, if you are clueless as to how to start and where to end, then here are the top things which you must do in those 3 days:

i. Check out the beaches:


The first morning of your trip, you must run over to the best beaches which the town has to offer (Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach), try whatever sports you can get your hand on (like parasailing, snorkeling or surfing) and ogle at the good-looking girls (or boys, if that’s what you prefer)!

ii. Run over through the top attractions:


Once you have spent some adequate number of hours on the beaches and the sun is really getting on your nerves, you can head to your hotel, get ready and run out again to sprint to the top Pattaya attractions (including Racha Tiger Zoo, Underwater World and Mini Siam).

iii. Theatrical shows:


Once the sun goes down and you need to sit back and relax, then let yourself make the most of Pattaya nightlife with theatrical performances at popular shows like Tiffany show and Alcazar Show.

iv. Warm up with the elephants:


Make sure to include a visit to Pattaya Elephant Village in your Thailand tour. Get to check out some elephants, touch them, feed them and even bathe with them!

v. Some other attractions:


If you still have time, head for attractions like ‘The Sanctuary of Truth’, ‘Floating Market’ and ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’. And yes, you can also indulge in shopping at the local bazaars!

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