The top 5 quintessentially Parisian desserts


All’s well that ends well! This ‘divine’ phase is especially when it comes to dining. The last lap of a dining course should be perfect and it should end with a sweet note. In Paris, a perfect dining would mean ending up with a quintessential Parisian dessert, which comes in varieties of forms, looks and tastes.



Mouthwatering desserts are highlights of Parisian cuisines as well as Paris tourism and tasting them is a matter of delight for the sweet lovers. Pain Perdu is an item that every Frenchman in the city of Paris would recommend if you ask about the best Parisian desserts. Slices of brioche are dipped in a mixture of egg and sugar and then soaked in sugar before baking with maple syrup, jam or vanilla. It’s a kind of pudding and is absolutely lip smacking.

Hot chocolate, though comes with a heated smoke, is something that will cool your heart. In Paris, the chocolate used for the dish is very thick and as smooth as velvet. It is very rich, dark and comes with a strong flavor. The sweetness of the dish is absolutely delighting.  Another jewel in the crown of Parisian sweet delicacies is the cupcake, which comes in varieties of flavors and colors. Unlike those served at restaurants in other places, Parisian cupcakes are very buttery, moist and frost, thanks to the use of butter cream. Profiterole, though an US delicacy, is among the hot favorites to the French people. It’s a choux pastry ball which is filled with either whipped cream or ice cream.


At some restaurants, the balls are served plain but they are best when garnished with powdered sugar or chocolate sauce. A confectionary item, a Macaron served at a Paris restaurant would give your taste buds a great time. Made with items like icing sugar, granulated sugar, ground almond, sugar and food coloring, macaron is a great filler and delicious. It comes as a hard paste of ganache and jam or buttercream placed in between two cookies.

If you are a gastronomist and more importantly a sweet lover, then Paris is a perfect place for you. Check out different Paris tour packages and choose one that allows you ample time tro explore the best Parisian restaurants where top desserts are served.

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