A Manna from Heaven – 5 Delicious Bangkok Platters to Dig In


Bangkok the city of Angels could either be portrayed as a better tasting food haven – unexplainable taste and the hygienic preparations just would make you a fan to follow with nil interruptions. The city though has a good number of restaurants, the street cooked food steal most hearts.

Chicken Cashew Platter

Chicken Cashew Platter

1. The seafood dishes are commonly the main characters in this picture. The skewered lobsters, the deep fried fishes and the fired squids – these dishes will never lose its luster, as they are extremely delicious. The steamed catfish and the crab soup also has an equal importance to fill your tummies and to delight your tongue.

2. Pancakes in different flavors and toppings, what would you like to have? Sweet or spicy, salty or minty… Here the varieties are many, pick your favorite one from the partitioned boxes of the spice box and ask the cook to sprinkles the seasonings and enjoy it.

Strawberry Pancake

Strawberry Pancake

3. Noodles and vermicellis are cooked up in different forms yet the glamour of these foodstuffs remain confident. Chunks of boiled chicken or beef is allowed to get cooked up in shrimp sauce along with the noodles and served hot. This soupy crunchy noodle – Tom Yum (is fortunately yummy) is the best to consume at your lunchtime. The colorful vermicelli salad topped with lettuce and squids will also be an interesting one to try tonight at the Chatuchak street market.

Noodles and vermicellis

Noodles and vermicellis

4. Fine blend of the chopped pork or duck and the steamed sticky rice, the pair goes hand in hand. Rice is served with super different sauces and thick soups. Just tick the box which you would like to have. Taste all the possible combinations, but not in the same day.

5. Desserts portray the real flavor of Bangkok. The fusion of the fruits and the ice cream, ain’t it sound delightful, of course the multiple colors on it look still more scrumptious. The coconut ice cream served on a coconut shell and the creamy Khanom Buang decorated with grated and tinted coconut are some of the bookmarked desserts.

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About Creative Writer:

Sri Akila is a traveller. She basically travels for her pleasure and also to grab some fantastic information to the readers. By this article she has noticed that 5 Delicious Bangkok Platters to Dig In. Next her aim is writing articles about Bangkok fun and activities.

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