The Wonders of Precious Sentosa Island


The small country of Singapore is actually one of the most delightful tourist destinations. The scenic locales and mesmerizing beauty urges tourists to book Singapore packages. One of the refreshing sightseeing spot of Singapore is the immaculate Sentosa Island, an idyllic place to rejuvenate your senses and explore the diverse treasures life has to offer. Singapore tourism captures the awe-inspiring beauty of Sentosa Island, just one day trip to trip and an even better an overnight stay in the island and you will have a memory you can cherish for your lifetime.

Underwater World

Under Water World

Sentosa offers the thrilling underwater journey through a luxurious aquarium shaped in the form of submerged glass tunnel through which one can see the beautiful colored marine life sprawling the water like sharks, stingrays and coral reef.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park

For nature lovers a trip inside this park would be quite astonishing. The panoramic view of the park and over fifteen thousand varied colored species of enchanting butterflies flying around makes a quick getaway from a chronic dull routine.

Tiger Sky Tower


To witness the true exquisiteness of Sentosa Island you just need to enter a disc shaped glass cabin all the way up to the highest point of the tower and breathe in the tranquil view of innate splendor the island has enveloped within its parameters.

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso

Being the focal attraction this only conserved fort offers distinguished exploratory opportunities like the tailoring shop and varied ammunitions.

Apart from these the explorers can also explore thousands of magnificent rare species of insects the Insect Kingdom houses and the immaculate Merlion statue with its profound water marks which stands proudly at a gorgeous height.

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