Dine With a Difference at Under Water Restaurants in Maldives


The exquisite islands of Maldives housed on the Indian Ocean are the home of beautiful colored fishes and sea creatures and people of different cultures. No wonder one could find delicacies of varied cuisines with fish as the focal ingredient and if you crave to dine with a divergence then Maldives Tourism offers some of the best underwater restaurants.

Ithaa Underworld Restaurant:


This unique restaurant housed fifteen feet below the sea level is one of its kinds in the entire world urging tourists to book Maldives holiday packages. Surrounded by coral reefs this impressive diner gives a 270 degree vision of the underwater area with varied fishes recklessly floating around. This exquisite restaurant serves fourteen diners at a time and presents them with a fresh pearl every time after their meal. Well, it is this restaurant that served the heartthrob of Hollywood Tom Cruise and his beloved wife Katie Holmes on their honeymoon.

The Ocean Pavilion:


This majestic restaurant, located in the heart of Indian Ocean is a heaven for romancers. Sail along the boat to the enchanted wooden shack set up for two to have a romantic dining experience and get a taste of the best chilled cuisine – lobster, caviar and champagne being the signature dishes. A perfect romantic ambience is created with candles, lanterns, cushions and flowers to let the diners get lost in their own little world of romance.

Remember the next time you plan your holidays to a majestic place Maldives is your destination. Maldives tourism offers everything to tourists – with scenic beauty and lustrous beaches to spell binding and finger licking dining experience under the Ocean.

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