Celebrate the Best 5 Bali Festivals in 2013


The city of temples, Bali has grown largely in terms of tourist’s exploration over the years and hence several  Bali tourism packages have been of utmost importance among travelers.  There is no dearth of things to do in Bali but tourists often come here to witness the top festivals celebrated magnificently in Bali. Best five such festivals are:

1. Galungan:

Galungan festival

Galungan festival

The most imperative festival of Bali is Galungan, celebrated every two-hundred and ten days for ten consecutive days rejoicing the victory of good over evil. A great ambience, an array of local delicacies and magnificent dances, cool bamboo pole serves the most awaited celebration of the island where ancestors are felicitated. More details here

2. Pagarwesi:


This festival is dedicated to the Lord of the universe, Samghyang Pramesti Guru, the iron lord, for staunch metal defense against enemies and other calamities. More details here

3. Art Festival:

Art Festival

Bali packages especially covers the month of June since this part of the year celebrates the colorful and most handsome festival of the island, the Bali Art Festival. This festival unites Indonesia into a single group where people get to behold the stunning performances, marvelous handicrafts exhibition and copious cultural activities and mouth-watering food. More here….

4. Tawur Kesanga and Nyepi:

Nyepi parade

This surprisingly amazed festival is celebrated in two days. Day 1 is Tawur Kesanga when monsters are shaped and after paying heeds are burnt in ceremonial fire. Nyepi is celebrated next day by observing a day of silence by the villagers who remains locked inside their house tricking the devils. More details here

5. Kite Festival:


Celebrated in Padang Galak during June this festival is celebrated to please the Gods for creating rich harvests and crops by flying multi-colored and multi-shaped kites in the clear blue sky. Several flying competitions are also held wherein children and adults both take part. More about Bali Kite Festival here.

One thought on “Celebrate the Best 5 Bali Festivals in 2013

  1. adding to your list “Sanur Village festival” in September 2013. Sanur Village Festival offers you cultural activities, water sports and adventure activities on top of it a Food festival with full of delicious cuisines.

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