Travelling Tips to First Time Travelers to India


India is one of the most diversified countries with two extreme sides of world.  One get to see highly sophisticated rich people to uneducated villagers spread around the country. A tourist is likely to face two different societies at every step you take towards your journey. If travelling first time to India you need to follow some safety precautions and travel tips to ensure a hassle free and exciting journey.


1. There are many places you must in Mumbai but make sure to book pre-paid cab or bus while enjoying your stay in the Bollywood capital of India. Metro is another best cheap mode of transport and for working people.

2. First timers often resist Indian food. But that doesn’t mean you should hold back on trying out some of the best street food which are hygienic and either boiled or fried and peeled fresh fruits.

3. India is supposedly a noisy country so make sure you wear on earphones to avoid the hush hush of the Indian streets.

4. Pick pocketing and burglary are common suits of India. Beware of your belongings and try to carry as less cash and valuables as possible.

5. Munnar is an amazing place to explore in India. Munnar places to visit are adorable but one should choose right Indian tour packages to make your stay memorable and budgetary.

6. Always buy handicrafts and handlooms from Government and state emporiums which are authentic and valuable. Don’t get fooled by stall sellers who try to sell imitate stuffs with false pretext at higher rates.

Add-on: It is advisable to wear conservative clothes while travelling to remote areas or traditional crowded markets to avoid unnecessary attention.

In spite of these factors India is a mesmerizing country full of surprises and rich traditional cultures ad a sure shot country to visit.

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