Top 5 Places to Have Beer in Phuket


Phuket is Thailand’s premiere destination when it comes to binging and boozing! With its colorful nightlife and a montage of bars, this city attracts drinkers and alcoholics in huge numbers. If you are a teetotaler and pride yourself over your non-drinking habit, then you are likely to lose this title once you hop over to this corner and come under the grip of the sassy Phuket nightlife.

For beer lovers, the city produces countless locales where they can sinfully drink themselves to oblivion. But here are 5 places you need to check out before leaving the city:


  1. Catch Beach Club: If you head over to Surin Beach, then you are likely to walk into this club which is a major draw for drinkers. It scores for its music and is an easy-to-reach destination. The ambiance is what makes this place so magical! The sun-kissed sea in the background is simply poetic!
  2. Ratri Italian Bar & Grill: Located by Kata Beach, this is another place where you can have a great time sipping your beer. Its décor is very suave and urbane; and with plenty of space around, you can get a good private corner. The best time to visit this bar would be around sunset when the view is simply delightful.
  3. Joe’s Downstairs: Joe’s Downstairs gives you the chance to drink beer just beside the sea. It is an onshore restaurant-cum-bar which is a place haunted by lovers and friends alike. It is situated at the Patong Beach which is easily the best beach in Phuket. Hence, the bar is very popular and you may have to jostle a bit for the best table.
  4. Boathouse: Boathouse is a resort off the Kata Beach. If you want to see the best of Phuket nightlife, then you should visit this place at least once! It has, over the years, witnessed the presence of many prominent figures including movie stars and models. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting with a glass of beer and gazing at the evening sky or the night sea! This beachside resort would surely make your beer-drinking experience a complete and fulfilling one.
  5. Ska Bar: Ska Bar is another highly recommended place to drown yourself into beers. It has a wild and rustic feel to it and fire-dancing (which is occasionally organized here) is one of its chief highlights. Again, the sunset time would be the best time to check this place. But if you want a crowd-free atmosphere, then you better come a bit later!

Watching the Sunrise while Drinking Coffee from the Balcony in Phuket Thailand

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