Things to do In Pattaya after Dark


The lively atmosphere of Pattaya attracts tourists from around the world and the offers from Pattaya tourism and Thailand tours packages add to the icing on the cake. Pattaya is famous for a lot of things but the main attraction is the enchanting nightlife.


Pattaya nightlife is full of fun, excitement, boozes and girls; you can feel the adrenaline rushing through every vein in your body once you step out in the streets of this Sin City. For party animals the street from Soi 13 to 16 is heaven. It’s called the Walking Street of Pattaya- the place that never sleeps. Girls in this place are famous for making men feel like kings, strong and desired and they believe In instant pleasure and gratification, start with a pep talk and the girl is all yours for the night. Nightlife in pattaya also offers some of the best clubs, discotheques, nightbars and strip clubs than any other part in the world. The clubs are filled with music and crowds drinking boozes and dancing around the place with no consciousness. Strangers meet and tend to leave together all high on alcohol.

For tourists who are in the mood to relax can head over to Jomtien Beach where you can relax in the hotel or the open bars, have mouthwatering cuisine and can watch the cultural show like Alankarn


The popular cabaret show is a must watch where ladyboys dance glamorously to the tunes of music looking most seductive in their getups. Pattaya nightlife also offers fun time for boys alone. The Pattaya Beach remains packed with strong, masculine boys having some boy time after a stressful day.

Without further adieu grab exciting offers from Pattaya and Thailand tours packages to enjoy the seductive nightlife in Pattaya.

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