Palm Islands: The Newest Highlight of Dubai Tourism


Islands are natural landmasses with arbitrary shapes. Surrounded by water on all sides, the islands attract people with their unique scenic beauty and pleasant atmosphere. But how about exploring an island that has been specially designed in a special shape? Well, if you think it’s absurd, then you surely don’t know about the Palm Islands, Dubai.

The Palm Islands are today among the biggest highlights of all Dubai tour packages and what makes them so special is their pal tree like shape. Yes, the Palm Islands are an archipelago of artificial islands, each of which looks like a palm tree when you take a bird’s eye view of it from a towering building on the bank of the Persian Gulf.

Av dream project by Nakheel Properties, one of the top real estate property developers in Dubai, the Palm Islands are now being considered as the Eighth Wonder of the World and once you are there, you will surely admit that the archipelago deserves to be in that list. The archipelago is made of three palm tree-shaped islands that have been named as Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jeleb Ali and Palm Deira. All the three islands are topped with a crescent which adds to their beauty.

With infrastructure for both residential and commercial settlements, the Palm Islands have increased the beach area of Dubai by over 500 kilometers. Many entertainment centers, leisure and residential properties are coming up on the islands and in future, the Palm Islands are surely going to be among the top places to see in Dubai. To explore this unique human creation, check out Dubai packages that are being offered by different travel agencies.

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