What to Do On a Four Day Holiday In Dubai?


Dubai is one of the most trendy vacation destinations in the United Arab Emirates today. Dubai has a subtropical desert climate; this means that there are high temperatures and a reasonably low humidity.

Shop till you Drop

People who love shopping should make it a point to visit Dubai once in a while. With more than 50 major shopping centers (malls) and thousands of branded stores you can find, whatever you want. An important beneficial feature of shopping in Dubai it would not require you to pay extra taxes on products you buy. This makes the Dubai tourism quite affordable.


Go Skiing in Dubai

The “Ski Dubai” is a 400 meter long and 60 meters high orbit and is the largest indoor ski center of the world. It is located in the shopping center Mall, of the Emirates. There is a 4-seater lift chair that goes down on real snow.


Visit the Dubai Zoo

Dubai has a wonderful zoo and you should make sure that it is included in your Dubai holiday packages. In this zoo you will find a huge number of animals native to Arab. Alongside these animals, there are of course many other species of different animals. Most of these animals, however, are accustomed to withstand the extreme heat conditions in the region.

The Dubai Museum

In the Dubai Museum, you can go through the history of Dubai, right from the time before the discovery of oil. You’ll be able to study how in the last 50 years, the city has received a completely different turn.


If you still have some extra time left on your four day holiday in Dubai, make sure to spend some memorable time in the lovely beaches.

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