Singapore metro system


Singapore metro system or MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) is the most convenient and time-saving modes of commuting within the country. Foreign tourists make the most of this amenity to reach their hotels and head for sightseeing under their Singapore tour packages.

Even though Singapore is a small nation, it is busy and chaotic especially during the office hours. Traveling in a cab is another comfortable option, but it can be pocket-pinching! The metro system is not just fast but is one of the cheapest modes of transport. It is a very well-maintained system which is the country’s big pride. Helpful staffs offer every kind of assistance to the tourists and travelers. Besides, there are ample facilities to help handicapped people travel with the aid of wheelchairs.

The Singapore MRT commenced its operation in November 1987. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of being the most dependable, friendliest and cheapest mode of traveling. It traverses through nearly 149 km and covers almost all the corners of the country. With as many as 102 stations, it connects all the vital points of Singapore. It has got extensions over the years with many more being planned for the forthcoming months.


Under Singapore tourism, you must board the train for commuting and also for soaking in the experience. Most of the trains have ACs and a number of stations have facilities like markets and ATMs. All other basic amenities including toilets, elevators and escalators are also available.

In brief, some major advantages of using the Singapore Metro system are:

–          Fastest mode of traveling

–          Cheap ticket

–          Safety and security

–          Comfort

–          All major facilities

–          Quick and easy connectivity throughout the country

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