5 local dishes to try in Kerala


Kerala tourism is renowned for not just its backwaters but also for its food. Since, the south Indian culture is glaringly obvious in its food, so there are some popular dishes which you must have.

Here is a look at five of them:

Dosa: Dosa is that ubiquitous dish which you can find at all the places to visit in Kerala. It is scrumptious, crunchy, yummy, papery and uh-so-sinful! It is counted amongst the top ten foods in the world. Though, dosa is available all over India, the local flavor of Kerala-made ones have that rustic charm!


Idly: Idly comes close to dosa in terms of popularity and is that soft, white dish which is extremely light and yet it can fulfill all the desires of your belly. Kerala tourism takes mighty pride on this dish which is cheap and easily available in every eatery.

Puttu: Puttu is another world-famous dish which has made the chefs of Kerala puff out their chest in pompous vanity. It is perfect for consuming during breakfasts and is made from steamed rice, raw coconut and some other add-ons. It would be a lovely feeling to have this dish rolling all over your tongue.


Appam: In terms of ingredients, Appam is quite similar to Puttu. But it comes with its own distinct personality and makes for an unforgettable breakfast or supper.


Uttapam: Uttapam is another mouth-watering, tongue-curling dish which can be devoured during breakfast, lunch or dinner. It comes in a wide variety and is found in all the tourist places in Kerala.

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