Best Places to Eat Out in Pattaya and Bangkok


Thailand is South Asia’s kitchen and serves its guests to their fullest satisfaction. Dining is one of the favorite pastimes in the country and every tourist loves to burp in those scores of fascinating restaurants.

Some of the best places to eat in Pattaya and Bangkok are enlisted below with a brief description:

Mulligan’s Pub:

Mulligan’s Pub

Mulligan’s Pub is not just a restaurant but one of the focal points of Pattaya nightlife. It is a laidback place where the soothing Irish music and the ever-flowing whiskey conjure a delightful ambience. Conveniently nestled at the Central Festival Shopping Center, it is also a memorable place for digging into steaks, pies and stews.



Mantra is a restaurant-cum-bar which pours all the tasty international cuisines you could ask for! It shimmers in luxury and tries to floor you with its lively atmosphere. It is large and well-spaced out and can serve you great food and even greater wine. Situated in Beach Road, this is another favorite hideout for making the most of your Pattaya packages.

Sala Rim Naam:

Sala Rim Naam:

Sala Rim Naam is a restaurant in Bangkok which owes its popularity to its fascinating Thai dance and to its serene location by the famed Chao Phraya River. The food and the performances create a classic ambience and warm up your plate and heart respectively. It is the shining epitome of the charming Bangkok tourism.


bangkok vertigo

Vertigo (at Banyan Tree) is a rooftop restaurant where diners get to eat over a skyscraper and under the star-draped sky. Great services, excellent champagne and devastatingly delicious seafood- it is a refreshing take on the vibrant and eclectic Bangkok nightlife.

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