3 Beautiful islands off the African coast


Africa may be synonymous to wildlife, but there is more to the country than what meets the eye. The African coastal regions are neighbors to some stunningly beautiful islands which present exotic tropical climes and make for rejuvenating beachside holidays.

Here are 3 beautiful islands off the coast of Arica:

1. Mauritius:


The island of Mauritius is a happy hunting ground for beach lovers and sports fanatics. Its laidback shores are extremely picturesque and the sea is very warm and perfect for swimming. Surfing and sailing are also enjoyed in abundance under a Mauritius package. The island, once the ubiquitous home of the now-extinct dodo, has a unique ambience. Mauritius tourism boasts of the fact that it makes for one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Activities like snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving and angling are very popular here. Plus, it is the colorful flora and fauna which add to the romantic mood.

2. Zanzibar:


Zanzibar, despite being a beach-filled island, often gets the maximum attention for its culture, bazaars and mosques. It is a steaming hot melting pot of so many things rolled into one. Right from picking up local souvenirs to trying out African dishes to exploring the local culture, this place offers you all. A Mauritius tour package can also include Zanzibar in its folds.

3. Seychelles Island:

Seychelles Island

With over 100 islands in its cusps, this archipelago is a tropical heaven and takes you on a coaster ride of thrill, adventure, sports and sightseeing. From rich corals to granite rocks to luxurious honeymoon resorts, this destination is making a lot of headlines these days.

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