The Singapore Flyer


Singapore is a country you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If not for the beautiful Jurong Bird Park or the amazing Marina Bay Stand SkyPark, then at least for the famed Singapore Flyer! Singapore Flyer is a gigantic observation wheel which is the tallest of its kind in the globe. In terms of a layman, it is the biggest merry-go-round the world has yet witnessed. It reaches up to 165 m (541 feet) and easily beats its popular rival ‘London Eye’ by a margin of 30 m (98 feet). It is, therefore, no surprise that this attraction has helped Singapore tourism scale new heights of popularity.

singapore flier

The Flyer was opened officially in the year 2

008 and it hasn’t looked back (or down) since then. Made with a whopping cost of $240 million (Singapore dollar), it is now a major tourist attraction and is included in most Singapore packages.

The Flyer is located at the convenient and busy area of Marina Bay. This region is a major hub for the tourists and backpackers. Hence, the popularity of the mammoth structure has been getting better and better. Besides, the area around it is vast and scenic. The wheel does offer a breathtaking view of the city. At its peak, it can give you the kind of view which can even put a high-flying bird to shame.


The ride lasts for around 30 minutes and is a complete money’s worth apart from being a unique experience. There are many more such amazing structures in the country. They can be explored vividly through the Singapore tour packages.


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