Clubs in North Goa


The party capital of the country is getting bigger and better with each passing day. There’s no dearth of pubs, bars, clubs and whichever season you’re heading over in, there’s going to be something for you to do. North Goa has a reputation and we’re going to keep it strong with a list of some of the places we’re going to party at. The best time to visit Goa, party wise – is definitely the end of the year. But that’s by no means the only time. Read on and join us there


Club Cabana: No, really. We know it’s one of the most popular places – but there’s a reason that it is and the theme nights only make it a hundred times more fun.

Mango Tree: This might not be your idea of a hip and happening nightclub, but you will get the best drinks here – we kid you not. Have a Long Island at the Vagator pub at the least, before heading over to the other places on our list.

Curlies: Who hasn’t been to Curlies? If you’ve been to Goa even once and didn’t visit, shame on you! It might be the most overhyped place offered by Goa tourism, but you’ve got to stick around for at least one of their parties.

Olli’s: Lights, sounds and no dearth of the most happening music – head over to Ollie’s if you’re young or young at heart. If the music doesn’t keep you occupied at the Anjuna club, the drink and lighting arrangements should.

Red Lion: Get up and rock at the Red Lion pub. It’s a British pub, but there’s the most happening Calangute crowd that throngs to the pub – with good reason. There’s nothing quite like a night out at the Red Lion.

Mambo’s: Have you been to the open-air Mambo’s? No? Well, you really should pay it a visit. Drink, dance and revel in the chaos with its theme nights, but beware in peak season as it gets really crowded. If you want to dance on a table and have already eaten (food isn’t great) – there’s no better place to let your hair down.

Club fresh: We know this sounds cheesy, but there’s been a fair share of glamorous parties here – enough to be on this list and several others. Trance has never been more popular than it is at this club and come rain or shine (literally) you can let your hair down here.

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